functional ear training fan. If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time you already know that. This method added a lot of “depth” to my hearing - and I say that with extensive conventional ear training under my belt. 8 semesters during my time at the American Institute of Music in Vienna and an additional 6 levels at MI in Los Angeles. I don’t want to miss the traditional interval-based sight-singing method I had to go through. It has been extremely valuable, although somewhat (ok, more thruthfully "very") frustrating at times. The functional ear training method however improved my listening skills significantly. And I want you to experience the same. That’s why I wrote about it and featured the wonderful Functional Ear Trainer by Alain Benbassat. Not only is the Functional Ear Trainer easy to work with and a functional (pun intended) piece of software, it is free. So, there are absolutely no entry barriers to getting your ears wet with the functional ear training method. Best of all, there are extensive settings available to customize the exercises and tailor them to your needs. rant-alert Maybe I’ll be offending people with the following paragraphs, but it needs to be said…
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